The studious pipe smoker

Discussion regarding how the pipe goes thus effectively with reading, composing, studying, as well as the like. Feel free to comment!
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20 thoughts on “The studious pipe smoker

  1. It’s difficult to smoke a pipe quickly, everything slows down, the brain is
    more free to think on other things

  2. Just caught this video, sorry I missed it. I am paraphrasing a quote on
    pipe smoking: A pipe gives a man something to ponder. It certainly worked
    for me in college. Now when I read a book, which I do pretty much daily, I
    always have a pipe in my mouth. I am sure the nicotine factors in, but to
    me its just relaxing and helps me focus on what I am doing. Cheers! Chris

  3. College days! Enjoy every minute of it, it goes by faster than you can
    believe. What are you majoring in? Not sure if it’s necessarily the pipe,
    but maybe it’s that you’re enjoying yourself and taking your studies
    seriously. I always studied with some strong coffee, and enjoyed every bit
    of it. I miss it now. -Eric

  4. Reading is a great thing to do when smoking a pipe, but I really have to
    smoke only certain kinds of blends when I read. If I smoke a really complex
    blend, I find I’m tempted to concentrate on the tobacco and not the book!
    Normally a basic aromatic blend is what I like best when reading. Cheers!

  5. I majored in Communication in undergrad, but I’m doing my graduate work in
    counseling psychology. Yes, school has been fun, but I still may have
    several years left of it. I see lots of studious pipe smoking in my future!

  6. Yeah you’re right about the historical point. It’s nice to be taking part
    in such a historical joining. Cheers!

  7. Yes, on the one hand, i’ll be much more comfortable smoking publicly when
    I’m older, and on the other hand, I should be confident and worry less.
    Thanks for the positive comment!

  8. I think my use of the word “dignified” came from the stereotypes associated
    with the hobby, that of the scholarly´╗┐ professor, who is sure dignified in
    manner. Also, for me personally, I tend to treat the hobby as a dignified
    hobby. I take it seriously (with the examination of various tobaccos and
    such), and this, for me, creates the intrinsic value that I take from pipe
    smoking. To each his own I suppose. Thanks for watching!

  9. When I was in my 20′s I didn’t smoke in public just for the exact reason
    you mentioned. I’m much more comfortable doing it now days though. I
    usually smoke an aromatic to be a bit accommodating. I wish there would
    have been Ytube back in the day or I’d have smoked my pipe more in public
    with a bit of confidence. Looking back its pretty silly to have worried
    what others think of me. Keep up the fire in your briar where ever you want
    to smoke! As long as smoking is permitted. Cheers, James

  10. I always smoke a pipe in public. I’m usually the only one out of all my
    friends, but i’m 18 years old.

  11. Are you still into road cycling? I also cycle, but have been getting into
    pipe smoking lately… kind of contradictory maybe, but both are just

  12. Great topic! When I was younger, in my 20s, I wouldn’t smoke much in public
    at first, simply because I didn’t want the STUPID question of “what do you
    have in the pipe … heh, heh heh …” but after a while I didn’t care.
    Anywhere where people were smoking cigarettes, etc, I felt like I had the
    right to do so as well. As it turns out, I always got more compliments as
    you did. Pipe smokers should show off their hobby if they want to! Cheers!

  13. I agree, but I must add that I don’t think that as pipe smokers we should
    take ourselves or the very act of pipe smoking too seriously. I wouldn’t
    call it necessarily “dignified”. It’s just as arbitrary as other hobbies,
    like baseball card collecting or playing checkers. Others might not call
    those dignified, but if we are going to use that term for pipe smoking then
    they should be just as dignified as baseball card collecting and playing
    checkers. Thank you for your thoughts!

  14. Yes, the scent of pipe tobacco on a college campus goes together like peas
    and carrots! Cheers!

  15. I know, such an obnoxious question. pipes serve better purposes!

  16. When I first came to college 4 years ago I was virtually the only guy
    smoking a pipe. In fact I got the nickname “pipe man,” because of the
    infrequency of seeing any pipe smokers. Now four years later there are
    countless guys puffing on the briar around campus. But, I wouldn’t worry
    about the public’s perception of you smoking. You are clearly a dedicated
    pipe smoker and obviously know what you are doing.

  17. I am indeed, but due to the ridiculous summer heat in the south, I have
    gone on a hiatus until the weather cools off, which should be very soon.
    Not as contradictory as a cigarette-smoking track runner! Cheers to
    enjoying our hobbies!

  18. Great Take…I think you did the right thing and looked appropriate. I know
    the lady appreciated you. I would not worry what people think. Do what you
    do for you.I look forward to hearing more from ya… –Kyle